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About Me :)

In May of 2018 I graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design as well as a minor degree in the Cinematic Arts. Throughout the past four years I have gained many different experiences in design, photography, film, business, social interaction, and so much more. 

I am constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow as a designer, photographer, and videographer. I had interned for Safelite AutoGlass throughout 2017 as a marketing graphic designer and photographer, as well as running my own personal freelance business, as a realty listing photographer.

Design is all around the world, everywhere you look and I think what I love so much about it, is that every single day you can learn something new and grow. There will never come a point where you can say, "I have finally learned everything I need to know." I love design and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.